Why Teens Pay More for Car Insurance

Statistically, teen drivers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents, get traffic tickets, and commit traffic violations than are older drivers. Car insurance companies take this into consideration when determining how high a risk it is to insure teen drivers.

Generally, car insurance for teens tends to be more expensive than it is for older drivers. Teens are young and inexperienced and still working their way up the ranks, so to speak.

Men typically pay for more for car insurance than women, in general. This difference in rates is based purely on statistics.

For example, statistically, male drivers younger than 25 are more likely to:

  • Rack up traffic infractions, including everything from speeding tickets to serious violations like driving under the influence (DUI).
  • Avoiding wearing their seatbelts.
  • Choose faster, flashier vehicles.
  • Drive with more passengers.
  • Drive more often than do females.

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