New Nevada Traffic Laws

Here is a summary of the traffic laws passed by the 2019 Nevada Legislature.

Helmet Law
Moped riders must wear helmets beginning October 1, 2019.

The new law also applies to trimobiles with handlebars and a saddle seat. Helmet use is not required in three-wheeled vehicles with an enclosed cab. (SB 408 Sections 6-9 – effective 10/1/2019)

Trick Driving
Trick driving displays – diverting or slowing traffic on a public highway to enable stunts or having stunts filmed – is considered reckless driving and is a gross misdemeanor.

Penalties for those who participate in, or organize, trick driving include a minimum fine of $1,000, minimum community service of 100 hours, possible jail time, driver’s license suspension of six months to two years and impoundment of an offender’s vehicle used in the offense for up to 30 days. (AB 201 – effective 10/1/2019)

Reckless Driving and Vehicular Manslaughter on Private Property
With the exception of Driving Under the Influence, most traffic laws apply only if the vehicle is driven on a public street. The law now allows prosecution of reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter offenses on “premises to which the public has access” such as parking lots, parking garages and roads within gated communities, apartment complexes, etc. (AB 403 – effective 10/1/2019)

The maximum fine for speeding is capped at $20 for each mile per hour above the speed limit or proper rate of speed. Courts may reduce a speeding citation to a non-moving violation if the offender pays all fees and fines prior to his or her first court date. It is now specifically illegal to drive at a rate of speed that results in the injury of another person or of any property. (AB 434 Section 28 – effective 10/1/2019)

Move-Over Law
Motorists approaching any sort of traffic incident are required to slow to less than the posted speed limit, move to a non-adjacent lane and be prepared to stop. This law now applies specifically when approaching vehicles displaying non-flashing blue lights in the back. Tow trucks and service vehicles under contract with NDOT are now allowed to display non-flashing blue lights. (SB 395 – effective 10/1/2019)EV Charging Sign

Parking at Electric Charging Stations
It is illegal to park at an electric vehicle charging station unless the vehicle is being charged. The space must be marked appropriately and a sign must state “Minimum fine of $100 for use by others.” (SB 428 – effective 10/1/2019)

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