Landlord insurance. Protect your investment!

Landlord insurance offers property owners protection from financial losses related to damages or injuries. Whether you own multiple rental properties or need to sublet your home for a year while you travel for business, a landlord insurance policy will allow you to rent your property with confidence.

If you’re responsible for the entire structure, including the exterior and roof, a landlord home policy will meet your needs. If you’re only responsible for the interior structure of the home, landlord condo insurance will provide the right amount of coverage to protect your investment.

Fire is a concern, but not the only threat to your investment.
Most landlord insurance policies include:

Coverage for additional perils
Personal liability protection
Coverage for loss of rent in the event of a covered claim
Coverage for furnishings you provide the tenants
Your tenants need coverage too.
Don’t let your tenants go unprotected. It is wise to recommend your tenants carry their own renters insurance. This will protect their:

Personal property
Personal liability

It may come in handy in the event they cause damage to the structure or if they’re found liable for someone else’s injury on the property.

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