How to Request an Unsafe Driver Investigation in Nevada

The Nevada DMV will accept information about a potentially unsafe driver from family members, law enforcement officers and representatives from state agencies and other organizations. DMV representatives may also initiate inquiries on their own.

Concerned relatives can complete a Request for Re-Evaluation describing the driver and their concerns. Their signature must be witnessed by a notary or a DMV representative. And the request must be accompanied by an affidavit from a doctor agrees that the driver should be re-evaluated.

Law enforcement officers or state agency representatives who have observed a driver and are concerned about his or her unsafe driving should complete a Request for Re-Examination; such requests need not be accompanied by a doctor’s affidavit.

A DMV representative who “has good cause to believe” that a driver has any physical or mental disability or disease that may contribute to unsafe driving may require physical or mental examinations and reports by a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, certified drug and alcohol counselor or any other competent authority to complete a Confidential Physician’s Report on that driver.

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