8 Car Insurance Rating Factors

Many insurance rating factors vary by state and individual insurance companies, but some common rating factors include:

1 – Your age and gender. As mentioned above, younger drivers will usually pay more. Also, female drivers statistically get better car insurance rates.
2 – Your marital status. Married drivers often get lower premiums.
Your location, including where you park your car. Drivers in rural areas who park in garages tend to get lower rates than those who live in urban cities and park on the street.
3 – Your driving record. Driving records play a big role in determining both rates and potential discounts. When looking at your driving record, insurance companies consider:

  • Traffic violations and driving record points.
  • Driver license status, including prior or current suspensions and revocations.
  • Car accidents.
    4 – Your vehicle’s make and model. Older, modest vehicles usually get better rates than newer, flashier models.
    5 – How often you use your vehicle. Do you drive every day, or just a few times a week?
    6 – Your occupation. Do you use your vehicle for work, or is it for pleasure only?
    7 – Your auto insurance history. Ideally, you’ve never had a gap in coverage; if you have, it could affect your rate quote.
    8 – Prior car insurance claims. How often have you filed claims in the past, and what were the reasons?

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